Our Services

At Equity Connections, we believe in the power of inclusion. We deliver transformative diversity and inclusion programs to individuals and organizations seeking to improve structures and practices. We work with clients to create more inclusive spaces through the following:

Implicit Bias and Anti-Racism Education

Equity Connections provides research-based and action-oriented professional development that addresses how implicit bias informs organizational beliefs, structures, and practices. Our interactive training design is supported by reflective activities that encourage equitable mindsets and habits through:

• Video workshops that familiarize organizations with EDI concepts and related best practices
• Culturally relevant and responsive resources
• Reflective workbooks and materials
• Opportunities to explore and identify personal biases and how they reinforce stereotypes

Transformative Mentorship and Coaching

Equity Connections provides advice, feedback, and mentorship to organizational leaders regarding how to develop a vision that embodies equitable leadership. We engage senior management in developing methods and strategies that foster more inclusive work environments at all levels through:


  • Train the trainer models
  • Reflective exercises
  • Critical conversations
  • Action planning

Inclusion Audits and Policy Reviews

Equity Connections evaluates the structures that inform each level of your organization. We support senior leadership in creating equitable policies and practices, and help you measure the effectiveness of improvement initiatives and strategies through:

• Information gathering, policy review, and research
• Workplace hiring, professional development, and promotion practice reviews
• Four-point evaluation cycle of organizational strengths and weaknesses
• Recommendations for next steps
• Training to support policy development
• Follow-up reviews to measure impact

Organizational Change Strategies

Equity Connections supports leadership in developing sustainable strategies to facilitate transitions from diversity to inclusion. We help you implement accountability structures that foster equity through:

• Interrupting discriminatory practices
• Authentic mentorship and coaching
• Targeted hiring and recruitment
• Transition and succession planning
• Capacity building and sustainability

Equity and Diversity Academies

Equity Connections provides immersive four and eight-week equity training programs that allow you to interact with other professionals in a safe learning environment.

Topics include:
• Implicit bias
• Inclusive environments
• Microaggressions and microinvalidations
• Flattening organizational hierarchies
• Power, privilege, and positionality
• Equitable protocols and team dynamics
• Equity charters

Guest Lectures and Keynote Addresses

Our team provides keynote addresses in a variety of areas at events, work functions, and professional development sessions.

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